Targeted Teacher Education to Improve Primary Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Understanding of UV and Effective Sun Protection Measures for Children

se protéger santé publique enseignement 30 May 2021 Actualités


Teachers are responsible for children at school during peak ultraviolet (UV) times of the day. It is paramount that teachers have knowledge and understanding of UV to effectively protect themselves and their students. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the effect of a short intervention on preservice teachers’ sun protective behaviours, knowledge and perceived skill to teach sun safety. Participants (n =161; median age=20 years) attended a 45-minute preservice teacher sun safety intervention and completed pre- and post-test surveys. Post-intervention, most participants indicated they felt: i) more informed about the dangers of UV and risks of developing skin cancer (93.3%); ii) more knowledgeable about the importance of sun protection (92%); and iii) more skilled to teach sun safety (87.4%). Our findings indicate that the targeted preservice teacher sun safety education intervention improved understandings of UV, effective sun-protective practices, and their perceived skills to teach sun safety

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